Charcoal Drawings at Humayun's Tomb

The participants were excited to use charcoal for the very first time at an outdoor visit to Humayun's Tomb.


They drew out beautiful, intricate details and 'jaali' patterns of the 16th Century monument. They learnt about perspective, depth and how to measure for drawing, while also delving deep into the history of this site. We showed them examples of drawing from nature, once back at the care home space. At the end of the day, each student reflected on how they felt and shared their observations. 

"When we stepped inside, the tiles were completely cool even as it was so hot outside! I think it has something to do with how air circulates inside the monument." 


Paper Cut Outs

Gathering different kinds of leaves, sticks, stones and objects participants could find in their small garden area at the care home, we sat inside and observed details on each.

We encouraged the children to create still life drawings, closely observing their features.

Next, we were introduced collaging, cutting shapes from various coloured paper and understanding composition while bringing the cut-outs together against a black background! 

“Everything I learnt was new for me” - Jyoti

Workshop and Curated Walk at India Art Fair

An online exhibition showcasing the journey of Artreach Teaching Fellowship 2019-20 

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