Relief Sculptures
Clay work was a hit with everyone! Shaping, moulding, feeling, making little people, animals and then drawing on clay tiles.
We kicked off with a demonstration by Tahsin as the participants portioned, moulded and modelled their clay with him.
The workshop also familiarised them with examples of terracotta reliefs by artist KG Subramanyan. 
“I liked making our own characters using clay and working with clay.”
- Sachin
Make your Own Superheroes!
The aspect of storytelling was incorporated very playfully and thoughtfully by Tahsin through each of the different sessions this year.
To spark off their original ideas, participants were shown numerous movies, short films and animations which focused on creative visual storytelling. These workshops on character design were spread across two sessions.
They drew their very own superheroes, complete with notes on their powers and weaknesses, thinking and conversing throughout about what these powers can achieve, why they are important and who these characters are.
Later, the group made armatures using wires and bandage, fleshing out their characters into clay puppets.
“I feel proud in showing my hard work through my artwork to everyone.”
- Vishal