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Online Workshops with Limited Resources


"Initially it was challenging to  build  the virtual space with the same level of involvement and engagement as a regular workshop. But soon, it was overtaken with sharing of stories and experiences of lockdown from both sides. I made tutorial videos for our online sessions which helped in visually translating my ideas to the participants more practically and clearly. The participants channeled their energy and made some beautiful artworks in the process."

- Tahsin Akhtar, Teaching Fellow 2019-20

Make a Clay Sculpture!

In this video, Tahsin gives a demonstration to make a clay sculpture from scratch. Using mud from his garden, he refines it and makes his own clay tools from a pencil and a kitchen knife. You too can make your own clay sculpture, inspired by this tutorial video.

Pencil shading in Foliage

How would you use pencil to do shading in a foliage study? Learn the basics with this fun video tutorial by Tahsin.