Imagine the World 20 years from now!
Over this set of intensive workshops, we went into the future - What will the world become? What will each of us be doing? Where will we be? The young artists thought of the problems that the world is facing and through conversations they came up with ideas of how things could be different. 
They worked on storyboarding, set design and filming in four groups. 
While each process was hands on and time intensive, it was well complemented by watching films for inspiration, doing movement exercises and going for walks in the park!
The students also drew each other in quick live drawing sessions, to get more comfortable in drawing human figures.
“I learnt teamwork in the activity of storyboarding where we distributed our jobs amongst ourselves”
- Kamaljeet
Flip books
In order to work with different aspects of storytelling, participants were acquainted with hand drawn animations. They were shown different techniques of using sequence and movement through this workshop and each of them created their very own flip-books.

“They loved it! They were showing their flip books to everyone in school. Some of them even taught their friends how to make them. Before these workshops we didn't know they were so creative. Now all of them create such beautiful things of their own! 


 - Hasina, TARA Homes Coordinator

Objects come to life!
In this group activity, participants made animations with things from their surroundings. We encouraged them to pair objects and play with simple movements.
The exercise also familiarised them with shooting with a DSLR camera, using lights and tripod and other technical aspects of photography.
“We learnt how to make a movie by taking pictures (stop motion), shading with charcoal and clay modelling. Before the programme started, I thought it would be boring but now it seems very interesting to me. I feel like 8 hours of time is also less!”
- Sameer