Welcome to our exhibition of the Teaching Fellowship 2019-20! 


We are happy to share with you artworks we made over a year of inspiring and fun workshops led by Tahsin Bhaiya. 

Here you will find our drawings, paintings, flip-books, 3D characters and our very first animation films.  As well as all the works we have made recently during lockdown when workshops continued online.


We have learnt so much, made new friends, and discovered things we never knew about ourselves this year.

We hope you enjoy exploring our ‘Moving Worlds’.


Noorjahan, Kamaljeet, Sharwan, Manoj, Raj, Vishal, Vanshika, Noorie, Sikander, Shyamu, Rashid, Lokesh, Nandini, Sachin, Sameer, Piyush, Roshni,  Jyoti

“I am learning how to do sketching. I also learnt how to use different tools to make clay art for the first time and how to make a story from our imagination.”
- Vanshika

Drawing, Observing

and Composing on Paper

Imagine the World 20 years from now!
“I think the programme shows new and interesting ways in which art is involved. I really liked the idea of animation, it was something very new that I had learnt. It was really amazing.”
- Sikander
Objects come to life!
“I liked learning many new skills and looking at different types of artists through the programme. I also feel I am learning how to make compositions, animate, and tell stories.”
- Noorie
 Clay Relief Sculptures
“For me learning to draw with charcoal, creating animation through paper cut out and creating impressions on clay was all new. I learnt how in clay modelling instead of carving out clay, sometimes you have to put more clay instead, and then make impressions!”
- Shyamu
Make your Own Superheroes!
“I have learnt that we can make many things from clay.”
- Noorjahan

Imagining, Animating and

Building Worlds

Moulding and Modelling

Clay and Characters

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“I learnt to never give up. If the artwork goes wrong, we can still experiment on it to see a new outcome.”
- Rashid

Art under



Artreach Teaching Fellowship

Artreach India instituted the Teaching Fellowship in 2015 as an intensive foundation course in art for young people in care. Every year one artist works with a group of about 20 young people from one care home and through regular day long workshops they explore techniques, mediums, art histories and aesthetics. The programme includes field trips to art colleges, exhibitions, museums and art fairs. Participants are encouraged to use art as a tool for the critical exploration of the world, to cultivate their imaginative, creative and reflective skills, and to find an individual expressive voice.

Our fifth Teaching Fellowship was conceptualised and led by visual artist Tahsin Akhtar with students from TARA homes in Delhi. Tahsin was closely guided by Shivangi (Artreach team).

The Teaching Fellowship is generously supported by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. 

"This fellowship gave me an opportunity to experience and understand different methodologies of teaching as an art educator. From the beginning it has been filled with new experiences and challenges. It was an interesting shift from the structured and academic rules." 
- Tahsin Akhtar, Teaching Fellow 2019-20
We would love to hear from you, please write to us with your feedback, questions and suggestions:

Artreach India would like to thank


Basanti Caroline Roubin, Khan Hasina Ahmed and all the TARA home staff 

for hosting us with such care through the year. 

Mrs. Nadar, Roobina Karode, Akansha Rastogi and the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art team

for their generous support of this programme and its exhibition.

Our  Advisory Panel for their expertise in guiding this programme: Atul Bhalla, Susanta Mandal,

Kristine Michael, Deeksha Nath, Akansha Rashtogi, Anni Kumari, Sonam Chaturvedi, Vandana Kothari, Megha Madan


Tahsin Akhtar, our mentor artist, whose planning, commitment and ability to inspire each child to

draw out their original stories made this year's Teaching Fellowship a brilliant success.


And finally the children of TARA Homes, who made the year memorable

with their creative ideas, imaginative artworks and expressive stories.

Thank you for visiting the exhibition, Moving Worlds!

An online exhibition showcasing the journey of Artreach Teaching Fellowship 2019-20 

In partnership with TARA Homes

Supported by the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

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